Neighbourhood spaces,  Georgestown Cafe & Bookshelf (owner of Long’s Hill Café & Bookshelf as well) is a locally owned and operated coffee shop in the heart of St. John’s.  We sell fresh roasted JustUS! coffee and teas, all fair trade and organic, with our own Georgestown Blend, only available at our space.

Each day we bake fresh foods such as Peruvian empanadas, bagels, scones, pastries, soups, and more. We work hard to bring our friends and neighbours healthy and delicious foods. And though we are not entirely vegetarian we always make sure to have something awesome for those who are vegan, gluten free or both!

And don’t forget our bookshelf! We have over 200 books on our shelves to share…adults, kids and in between. Bring a book, take a book, have a read, enjoy a moment…we even have a kid’s corner at both locations so parents can have a chance to drink their coffee!

73 Hayward Avenue / 101 Long’s Hill,  St. John’s, NL