16473277_1251413654895430_2515599674553345970_nBreakfast / Lunch

Georgestown bagels/croissants – a variety of toppings are available (gluten free bagel option available)

Fresh baked scones every day…cranberry, blueberry or partridge berry

Yoghurt and Granola/Fruit – gluten free cranberry granola (by Nourish NL!) or fruit atop thick Greek yoghurt with honey

Breakfast wraps – Scrambled eggs with fresh sweet peppers, red onions, cheddar, and avocado. Served with a side of Greek yoghurt and cucumber salsa

Empanadas – A savoury pastry filled with vegetables (and or with beef or chicken) and Peruvian spices . Served with Greek yoghurt and  cucumber salsa.(Veggie option is vegan)

Smoked salmon and cream cheese – on a bagel, croissant or baguette (gluten free bagel available)

Sandwiches – Build-your-own with any of our toppings, can be made on a bagel, baguette, croissant or wrap (gluten free bagel available)

Veggie Pate Sandwich – delicious vegan vegetable pate made in house, topped with tomato, sweet pepper and lettuce.

Avo Pollo – Havarti cheese, chicken, avocado, tomatoes and mayo, on a baguette or bagel.

Humdiddle-iumptious – delicious hummus and vegetable sandwich on baguette or bagel.

Framboni (Fromage and Jamon!!) – ham, cheddar and Havarti topped with sweet cherry tomatoes, mayo and Dijon on baguette or bagel.

Sala-n-a-Jar – Our own scrumptious quinoa salad, lemon pickled red onion, choice of fresh veg (beet, carrot, kale, etc) piled atop a house made vinaigrette (we use fresh local veg,  fruit or berries so it depends on the season and our stocks!)

Daily Soup – all of our soups are home made with our own prepared stocks. There is almost always a vegetarian/gluten free option.

Daily Specials

Sandwich and a cup o’ soup (7.95)

Sandwich and a coffee/tea (3 toppings) ($5!!!)

Empanada and a cup o’ soup (7.95)

Baked Goods (all baked goods baked on site, except for some of the GF options)

Cinnamon buns, berry scones, alfajor cookies, fruit tarts, fruit turn-overs, muffins, date squares

Lemon chia cake (Gluten Free/Dairy Free), Chocolate espresso brownie (Gluten Free/Vegan), Oat bar (Gluten Free), Power balls (Gluten Free/Dairy Free/ Egg Free)

Plus whatever we felt inspired to make on a given day with the ingredients on hand!